This week I’m giving you an OPM FIX to last for months on REPEAT on your MUSIC PLAYERS! NO DOUBT!

Let’s begin with one of my all time favorite bands, UP DHARMA DOWN. Say what? You read it right, UP DHARMA DOWN baby!

Head on over to their BLIP.FM page here and scroll down and look for my first recommendation, from their BI-POLAR album, PURSE OF STORIES. It’s a very appropriate song for the lovely rainy weather.

Another recommendation would be UP DHARMA DOWN’s newest single, TADHANA. Amazing song I tell you…Both these songs from UP DHARMA DOWN is GOLD. Remember, head on over to their BLIP.FM page here and get all the UP DHARMA DOWN that you will ever need.

Next are a couple of songs and verses from TURBULENCE PRODUCTIONS and FLIP Music.

The title is BEYOND BEYOND from TURBULENCE PRODUCTIONS. A beautiful combination of Poem and Music. Watch, listen, and take it all in. Beautiful indeed.


And my favorite from the set, SO WONDERFUL by NIMBUS 9 and QUEST. LISTEN!

All these amazing songs I came upon from and PROPS!

This play list won’t be complete without our up and coming artist from FLIP Music, GENE ROCA! He just dropped a new song titled QUEEN featuring VICTORIA and B-ROC.

Listen and download QUEEN by GENE ROCA featuring VICTORIA and B-ROC here.

Everyone should rediscover their love for ORIGINAL PILIPINO MUSIC. Our own music scene is so rich, deep, and bursting with talent. Appreciate and support our artists. It’s going to be relentless!

How about some Ms. CLAVEL Magazine News? I thought you would never ask.

The WALL LORDS event at The Collective was a success! The turnout was enormous even on a rainy Saturday. Graffiti artists exuded more talent than the overpowering smell of paint that day. Music care of bands and artists blared throughout the event, and street exhibitions never got tired.

We gave away hundreds of our back issues and it went off our hands like hot potatoes in a matter of minutes. It was good to see people taking interest in the magazine and seeing them cozy up in any corner that they can find reading every page. Thank you!

Next stop would be for the UP Street Dance Concert at the Meralco Theater this coming August 14, 2010 Saturday. We hope to see you there!

Our upcoming issue, VOLUME 7, will be one more epic achievement for Ms. CLAVEL Magazine’s history. I really want to tell you all about it, but mum is the word. You just have to stay tuned and keep your eyes wide open! Or you can sift through all our “likes” on our FACEBOOK Page.  Try to figure out what we’re up to…or you can patiently wait for it.

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