Life and music has been eternally intertwined. We wade through our daily grind with money on our minds and music pounding in our ears. Step by mother f*%ck’n step. Fashion, friends, love, family, we relate to music down to our very souls.

CLAVEL Sneaker Magazine is always on the look out for quality music, and lately, there has been a surge from the movement.

Now we bring you a new addition to our downloads page, MARQUEE MONDAYS! They just dropped two tracks for your hungry ears, Call by Gene Roca and What’s it Got To Do (With Me) by J.O.L.O. Featuring Keith Martin. Download and listen up! You’ll be in for another amazing sound trip! Talent, talent, and more talent! Props to Mark Salunga, Gene Roca continually impresses, and J.O.L.O. is always on point. Props!

And don’t forget to check out FLIPMUSIC as well. We just added two tracks from the man from CDO, CHAMP! If you still don’t know, then you still live under a rock. CHAMP will blow your mother f*%ck’n mind. BOOM.

Go to our downloads page click click click, follow the instructions, hear and listen.

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