You think MNL is the center of your universe? Think again. No. Again.

Luzon, Visayas, all the way to Mindanao, the center of your universe should be the Philippines Son.

Take the time, open your eyes, open your mind. The people and culture is vast, and with that comes raw, ingrained, affiliation for everything that is close to our souls. Passion, pride, family, and, of course, fashion and music.

Taken from SoleCity Pinas’ Facebook status: “Support your local.”. That is the movement.

So now, all the way from BACOLOD CITY, the genius behind “In My City”, 6-1-0-0 0-3-4…We now have a whole ALBUM for you to consume.

It’s AERO! Gracing us with his SickSongsOnly EP. Six tracks plus a bonus! What more do you want? Get on the trip. Support the movement.

3rd World/Turbulence Productions/6000 GOONZ

Grab the EP! Go to our downloads page

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