I know it’s been awhile since we posted an update. Everyone is getting geared up for the Summer of 2011. I’m feeling the love all around, the industry is coming together, slowly but surely. Can you feel it? I can taste it!

“F*#k all the Negatrons! (excerpt from StereoSmacky)”. Hear what they say, take it all in, check yourself, then do everything with flair. From now on, we do everything with flair.

Give more. Ask less. Everything will come around in time, or on the next. Trust your creator.

So to get you hyped on what is to come, watch this…It’s another one from OUT of SCRATCH!

“YO i had no idea Manila was like this every weekend. My good friend Erwin and I decided to share what happened that night. I feel more inspired now more than ever due to the fact that Manila is getting ready to go big. So much love all over the place.

Check out http://timeinmanila.com/” -Out of Scratch

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