First off…I’d like to remind everyone about our Nationwide tour with 4HIT COMBO. Now that’s out of the way…

I crave for inspiration. Every single day. The search, the hunt, the discovery. The exhilaration and sensations that I get from finding it, touching it, breathing in it’s intoxicating scent, and tasting it’s glorious flavors.

Inspiration. It drives your motivation which in turn makes your grind a little bit harder, which makes your hustle a little more faster, that stokes the fires of your passion to whole new level.

The trick is to sustain it. To PROGRESS from point A to point B, and everywhere in between, and affect every real relationship that you have to create a change that will spread faster than spam on Facebook.

It’s our time to make ourselves happen. It’s time for THE GOODNESS. This is inspiration.

Watch and learn kiddos. Watch and learn. It’s another one from OUT OF SCRATCH, hear what’s all behind the rave of the gorgeous @JUNEMARIEEZY, and NIXDAMNP on point with the beats.

And by the way, check out the wise words about these kids by Sarah Meier-Albano. She said “Kaplow”. Magic Word.

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