This structure by the sea was designed by Bakoko architects Kayoko Ohtsuki and Alastair Townsend for a Tokyo-based international surfer couple in Onjuku, a popular seaside resort and fishing town on Chiba’s Pacific coast near Tokyo. Made to be earthquake and typhoon proof, the weekend getaway house can accomodate parties on the deck, has rooms with luxurious bath, and enough space for their hobbies in a compact construction.

The second home maintains a low-profile appearance on the outside with its concealed entrance but with high and useful details on the inside such as incorporated staircase and doors that close flush to hide different parts on the interior. With passive design principle, south-oriented glazing is shaded during summer while cross ventilation allows cool sea breezes. Perforations around the balustrade provide air circulation throughout and neatly conceal air conditioning units. A wood-burning stove provides heat during the winter season. It also has an outdoor shower, a must for surfers.

via Dezeen Magazine

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