Clavel Magazine Apr-May Issue: Urban Mobility

Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Road/City Bikes, BMX, Skateboards, whichever gets you there. Here’s our latest issue about Urban Mobility and we compiled ways to get you mobile around the ciy. We have the WeFXD Crew on the cover, the massively growing fixed gear riders promoting good vibes in their good rides. On the Music pages, Urbandub tells us their story of success. Get to know Kikomachine Komiks’ Manix Abrera life in comics. Rockstar Mong Alcaraz shows off his sneaker game to everyone in this issue. For our The Girl segment, we feature Rizza Diaz, you have probably seen her on tv if you love sports, Beauty x Brains! For our brand feature, Tigasouth is not just a clothing brand but a solid and passionate team uniting the southern cities of the metro. We also have Stussy Singapore, Music Colony, Stoked Girls, Calle skateshop and more. Get your copy now from your favorite bookstores and newsstands nationwide!

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