The world is full of wonderful women from all walks of life. The first one you usually meet is the strongest of them all, your own mother who not only carried you for months, but also raised you–no small feat, my friend. The second one you meet, lola, who even your mom looks up to. Mad respect. And the rest of the women in your life, life just throws at you. Siblings, cousins, friends, celebrities, fictional characters, they’re everywhere. And today we’re giving you a short list of some of the countries finest young women.


Yeo Kaa

Photo via @yeokaa


Yeo Kaa is one of the country’s most promising artists. Her candy colored creatures are signature to none but her. Her works include painting, toys, photography, the list goes on and the world is at her fingertips. It’s rare that you see someone quite young to be having solo exhibits left and right in the country and out of it.

Photo via @yeokaa


One of her most recent works, “Sorry Sorry Sorry” was one of Art Fair PH 2018’s more popularly acclaimed for tackling mental health, toxic relationships, while still being very “Yeo Kaa” with pop colors and cute characters.

Photo via @yeokaa



Raizel Go

Photo via @goraisehell


“Raise Hell” as she’s known, is an ad agency creative by day, all-around artist at night. Her work mostly encompasses freehand illustrations, digital and traditional. From stickers, to typography, to wall murals, Raizel has probably done anything else you can think of someone with a Multimedia Arts degree would have already done.


Photo via Raisel Go’s Twitter


If you haven’t stumbled upon her wall murals or freelance-made posters for events and gigs, you’ve probably unknowingly seen her advertising work anyway.

Photo via Raisel Go’s Twitter



 Peaceful Gemini

Photo via Peaceful Gemini’s Facebook


Girl’s got bars, man. Few can write. Even fewer can rap. Even even fewer’s got flow. She calls herself an, “MC/Poet/Artist/Nature Lover/Introspective Traveler/Multidimensional Being,” which is a damned lot of slashes.

It’s rare to find them good. And, you guessed it, even rarer to find them this good. Peaceful Gemini is arguably one of the country’s most underrated artists. Regularly performing in small spots and events around town, her gigs are always sought after by a solid following.



Saab Magalona

Photo via @saabmagalona


Maria Isabella Simone Arroyo Magalona… or Saab. One of the country’s top bloggers and lead singer of Cheats, she is every kids #goals and #lifepeg. A mainstay in the gig circuit, having played local bars, big stages, and international ones, you could say she was bound for the kind of life seeing as her father was one of the most influential rappers. And aside from her music with Cheats, she’s achieved her own success and amount of influence on masses as a blogger, on her own.

Photo via @saabmagalona


We’d like to extend our prayers for Saab and her family. Truly, it takes a strong woman to go through the things she’s gone through and the things she’s facing at this very moment. A loss of a loved one is never easy.

Photo via @saabmagalona

Grace Palicas

Photo via Two2Travel


What do we say about Grace Palicas? Oh, I don’t know, maybe that she’s the legendary mambabatok Apo Whang-Od’s great niece. Having started training at 10 year’s old under Apo Whang-Od, Grace Palicas is poised to become the instrument of a new golden age in Kalinga Tattooing, a tradition worth more than a thousand years old. With such a big responsibility on her shoulders, Grace carries herself with such…well, grace.

Photo via Exposure PH


It comes to no shock as Kalinga region has fought off 400 years of colonization from US, Britain, Spain, and Japan. Yes. Kalinga people are scarily good at headhunting, not just tattooing. From here on, the world can only look forward to what Grace does with the ancient art of batok.


It’s International Women’s Day, and as we look at these fine young women of today, it’s important as well to take a step back, and appreciate the women around your life who make it better, set good examples, and fight the good fight. Text your mom, hug your wife, tell your friend you look up to her, women are appreciative of these as they are strong. Happy International Women’s Day.

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