Let’s start things off with a little background check on the shoe’s name.

Agimat, translates to “amulet”. I’m sure most Filipinos have encountered different forms of agimat, whether from our older relatives, a few friends, or from provincial hearsay. These items were believed to provide superhuman abilities to those who wielded them; strength, wisdom, immortality, you name it. And the most interesting bit of information about these agimat would be the story on how one came to possess it–whether it was an act of bravery, an inherited birthright, or sheer dumb luck.

I recently obtained my own agimat and although it wasn’t any old trinket, there’s definitely something superhuman at work here.

It was the 7th of June when Nike Basketball invited us to try on the newly launched LeBron Soldier 12 “Agimat”. And by “try on” I really mean they made us play our asses off during a quick basketball tournament at the Nike Hypercourt in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The Agimat lived up its name, providing me with enough LeBron James-esque strength and athleticism to reach the finals and win the gold. The end.

I’m kidding. Let’s get back to the shoe.

The Agimat’s design and materials were inspired by the toughness we Filipinos are known for. The shoes come off a bold, coastal blue force exterior color, making use of Velcro straps they call “seatbelt tech” instead of your usual shoelaces. The toe-cap is covered in suede, with a circular knit upper. It really embodies an agimat with the metallic gold talismans attached down the shoe’s middle, mixing symbols of Filipino culture with LeBron James’ legacy.

The Agimat’s “icy sole” traction was on point, providing much friction to allow quick, multi-directional movement. This allows for quick deceleration, acceleration to linear and lateral actions on the court. This tech provided me support when I needed the agility to go against faster players, and the force to hold my ground when played on the low post against stronger competitors.

When it comes to the Agimat, let me tweak a well-known quote: “With great power comes great…stability.”

The straps proved excellent with its seatbelt-tech allowing stability and balance during explosive movement. This enabled confident take-offs on the drive or any jump that was done during the games. The circular knit body also provided me stable ankles on the landing.

Like the belief in the powers of an agimat, there is always room for doubt. Fortunately, the only concern I have with the Soldier 12 Agimat is the Velcro that anchors the straps. This concern comes from the strap on the shoe’s inner foot, which passes through a tight strap, making the Velcro rub too hard against each other. This could probably loosen the strap up during future use, if one is not careful.

Overall, the LeBron Soldier 12 Agimat is a good shoe to cop if you’re looking for dynamic functions when it comes to your game. Its looks are regal, suitable for LeBron’s moniker “The King”. And of course, its limited edition status makes it desirable for all sneakerheads out there whether you ball or not.

Check out some more photos from the media trialing of the LeBron Soldier 12 “Agimat” below.

Photos by Quita Chuatico (@quitachuatico)

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