mustard music’s Joey Tha Boy is set to claim the throne as one of the fiery up-and-coming rappers in the Manila scene with his latest single “Anotha Day”.

A change of pace from his previous release “Fantasy (feat. Paolo Sandejas), the head-bopping track is a personification of Joey Tha Boy as an artist–flexing his skills in writing, beat-making, and showing off some personal swag as he raps about his music idols, what makes his life great, and what keeps him going from day to day.

About the song, Joey says, “It’s about my personal mindset towards my everyday life. I talk about my daily thought processes and opinions while implementing positivity towards them. I see a lot going wrong with the world, but I think we all shouldn’t be complacent with it. The song encapsulates my strive to be great and make an impact as an artist.”

With this new banger, Joey Tha Boy is set to wow hip-hop fans with his artistry and inkling for social commentary.

‘Anotha Day’ is available for streaming on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music under mustard music.

Check out his first hit featuring Paolo Sandejas, “Fantasy”.

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