EPISODES is a label established to channel different life perspectives, basing most designs & concepts through personal life experiences, according to founder Maj Veloso. They express themselves by creating statements on garments that people can connect with.

With the goal to impact the youth while contributing to the world, EPISODES proudly presents their first ever collection entitled ‘Youthful Years’.

The collection focuses on one’s childhood and past; on how teens handled and coped with their problems, drama, laughter, sadness, and anger throughout the years. It features an embroidered logo tee, a positive energy tee, the tear-free tee (‘Youthful Years’ custom piece), Episodes Crew bag, and lighters.

Checkout the lookbook below:


The ‘Youthful Years’ by EPISODES drops on Saturday, May 25, at Purveyr Post, Poblacion, Makati. Come through from 6-11PM. Entrance is free!



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