To celebrate Mayonnaise’s first ever solo concert on June 29, we are introducing PLAYBACK, a segment that goes back in time to appreciate the music of our favorite bands, artists, and solo acts. From nostalgic music video references to the story behind iconic lyrics, we’re hitting rewind and going through the artist’s perspective and let their stories take you back.

In this episode, we discussed their debut album, timeless hits, and their journey as a band. Watch as Mayonnaise takes you on a trip down memory lane.


Monty Macalino
Shan Regalado
Carlo Servano
Nikki Tirona
Keano Swing

Producer: Vic Sebastian
Director: Ian Abaya
DOP: Dino Placino
Creative Director: Angela Silvestre
Camera Operator/Graphic Design: Rendrick Estrella
Audio Recordist: Alex Villordon
Production Assistant: Bernard Carpio

Special thanks to:
Gabi Na Naman Productions
One Music PH

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