Envisioned into increasing appreciation for photography as an art form, seven photographers mount UN:PLUGGED—an exhibit featuring works that embody a sense of feeling in a physical place, connoting a “break” from the mundane.  The photographs, calm in nature, yet provocative in their artistic justice, generates a silent atmosphere—seemingly a blunt detachment from the noise that prevents the artists from hearing themselves, and, in the long run, prevents them from achieving their own personal liberation.

These photographers, from beginners to professionals, all share the desire to portray the idea of creating, through absence—the paradox of being in not being. Looking at the photographs, one may actually evoke the absence (or muting) of colors as the significant reflection of shedding worldly hindrances.

UN:PLUGGED is part of the annual photography exhibit organized by redlab every year for students and professionals alike, with works curated on the level of skill and artistic consistency. This year, the exhibit features the works of Oliver Camacho, Raymond Cruz,Jeff DytucoMarvin GreyMichael LimArwin Marcelino, and Ian Santos.

Aside from their passion for the shutter, they are likewise bound by the attention they put into the little things in their surroundings—both physically and metaphorically—as if in constant creation of aesthetic poetry.

UN:PLUGGED Exhibit will run from July 20 until August 3 at Vetro Manila, located at 135 Congressional Ave, Project 8, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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