Joining the ranks of Ruby Ibarra, DB Tha Girl, and Kessiah Zhoe in elevating Filipina vibes through spits and bars is Cebu’s very own Dhyana Mitta. The woman behind Cebu’s Anti-Social Sexual Lit (ASSL) Club is now entering the front lines after years of supporting the music, film, and art community behind-the-scenes.

Way before Dhyana Mitta came onto the scene as a hip-hop artist, she was always fascinated by spiritual energies and astrology. Writing a book about it is another milestone in her life that she continues to share with others. Highly believing in energies, she creates tracks more to feel her vibe than listening to her beats. Dhyana Mitta is all about manifesting her energy.

After all, Dhyana Mitta is more than just an artist, she is one big explosion.

But music isn’t the only way she does that. The young rapper is also a painter, and her social media accounts are filled with everything that inspires and influences her to keep creating on a daily basis. This isn’t just limited to art pieces and lyrics either; basically everything she can think of, she can obviously do.

“Making music is a way to flip the script. I had a bad day but let me make it into good music.”

For Dhyana Mitta, music has always been her way of channeling her anger and sorrow. It’s been her way of changing her own perspective when things don’t go quite right in her life. Aside from music becoming her diary, it’s also another way to keep herself creative, as it’s something that inspires her to continue everything she is doing, may it be music or art.

Dhyana Mitta

People who don’t follow hip-hop or rap may not know this, but even in the whole rap and hip-hop community, female hip-hop rap performers have always been a rare commodity. There isn’t really a lot of diversity within the hip-hop and rap community, and this is why we need more female energy. This is why we need more tracks from Dhyana Mitta.

There aren’t many female hip-hop artists in and out of Cebu, leaving some women feeling voiceless. However, Dhyana Mitta aims to change all that, being one of the first Cebu-based female rappers, with the goal to become a voice for women and for the culture.

If you have seen Dhyana Mitta live, at first glance, you would never expect that a young woman, who’s at least five feet tall, would have the guts to put her own music out there. Sharing her energy is something she has always been doing, but music is surely something she’s a natural at. Doing what she loves and chasing her passion takes guts, but Dhyana Mitta’s got it.

“Expect more women-centric and feminist tracks.”

Her released tracks tell us different tales about women for women. “Wisdoms of a Bad Bitch” is a track whose narrative is something we’ve heard before, but it’s always refreshing to hear a badass woman expressing her own anger and turning it into one great song. This track not only empowers women, but it also tells us that powerful women should be part of the norm.

We mean, women can do a lot of things now. But Dhyana Mitta teaches us how women can be powerful and beautiful at the same time.

This shouldn’t even be a shock. Women are as powerful as they think they are and Dhyana Mitta is here to remind us of that. Her first single, “Quatro Kantos” is a narrative based on what most women go through in relationships. However, what she sings about in this track is not usually the case throughout all kinds of relationships. Still, there are women constantly being emotionally manipulated and verbally or even physically abused. “Quatro Kantos” observes the idea of how women should fight back and make demands as to how they are treated.

Looking at her Cebuana roots, her bars and lyrics have been widely influenced by another local artist, Enrico Reems. She has always admired him for how he writes his own bars, however, he isn’t the only artist she wants to create music with. Dhyana Mitta hopes to collaborate with a long list of local and international artists, too.

Her flow is something she managed to pick up from NoPetsAllowed. As Cebu is a growing community, she continues to support local brands and artists. She even managed to conceive her own brand.

Dhyana Mitta is not without international inspirations as she looks up to American rapper, Lil Kim. She aspires to one day collaborate on a track with her. However, as the proud Cebuana that she is, she also hopes to collaborate with local Cebu artists such as Enrico Reems and Krispy Waters, just to name a few.

In Cebu, she can be seen at gigs for almost everything that’s local. If she isn’t there to perform, she’s there to show her full support. She has been supporting Cebuano artists all around through organizing events where everyone would come and celebrate the whole subculture. This isn’t even limited to streetwear and hip-hop–it’s everything and everyone that’s part of it, which becomes the reason why she continues to do what she does.

“The community needs more outside support.”

Dhyana Mitta gives women everywhere a glimpse of faith, and this leads us to believe that the future is female. After all, Dhyana Mitta is here for a good time–and for a long-ass time.

Check out the music video for Dhyana Mitta’s “Wisdoms of a Bad Bitch” here:

Photos by Emmanuel Ybañez

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