In a time when social distancing and self isolation is the new norm, a lot of us have at some point wondered: how can we get together with likeminded people and express our creativity with one another?

Shot by BJ Pascual, styled by Daryl Chang, and with a video by MV Isip for SM Woman, “Shared Love in Virtual Spaces” is an all-digital shoot powered by video conferencing, camera phones, and internet connection.

Featuring the likes of athlete Majoy Baron, influencer Lexi Mendiola, beauty queen and DJ Christi McGarry, model Jessica Yang, and stylist Daryl Chang, the digital shoot features individuals from different communities who all share a love for what they do. “Shared Love in Virtual Spaces” proves that having limited access to the outdoors and social interaction doesn’t stop anyone from finding ways to share their passion.

As General Community Quarantine allows us a bit more mobility outside, SM Woman debuts a “two-mile wearing” collection through the shoot, featuring versatile pieces that can be worn both in and out of the house.

You can shop the new collection among other pieces now through the SM Stores’ Call to Deliver service at 0917800107 or via their website. You can also visit their official Facebook and Instagram pages for more info and promos.

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