If it weren’t for the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, we would have all gone out and enjoyed the summer season by heading to the beach or visiting another country. And right now, we’re all craving a little escape from all the stress and craziness happening around us.

But who said you couldn’t do that right at home? Here are a couple of simple–but effective!–steps you can take to upgrade your home into a staycation destination that’ll hold you off until you can finally step out into the world again.

Curate a playlist to set the mood

Drown out the sounds of your noisy neighbors or the busy street outside by tuning into the songs that remind you most of better times. Check out the feel-good playlist we curated just for you on Spotify if you’re looking for some inspiration or just wanna jump straight into some good vibes.

Put on a swimsuit and pull out the lounge chair

There’s something about putting on a swimsuit that puts anyone in automatic vacation mode. Get it out from the bottom of your closet and wear it as you lounge in the garden, on your balcony, or by your window to get some much-needed sun.

Relax in an inflatable pool

You’ve already got the swimsuit on, so why not? Inflatable pools are available for sale all over the internet and can be delivered straight to your doorstep. Just fill it up with water, place it wherever it fits, close your eyes, and float away from your problems.

Crack open your favorite beer or mix up a cocktail

Treat yourself with your go-to chillnuman drink or mix up something special that transports you to your favorite vacation spot. Prep your ingredients and learn the recipes online for easy refreshments you can refill any time, free of charge.

Hang up a hammock

Gently swinging and relaxing in a hammock is one of the easiest ways to destress. Set it up in your backyard or inside your house (attached to your sturdiest walls) for a well-deserved nap and good dreams to go with it.

Get the incense going

Get all the senses involved and light up a smell that reminds you of a place outside the city. Whether it’s incense that smells like the spa or a scented candle that reminds you of the woods or the ocean, you’ll feel like you’re far away from home for a bit.

Go camping or build a blanket fort

 If you’ve got the time–and you probably do–setting up a campsite outside or a blanket fort in your bedroom makes for a much-needed change of scenery. Feel like a kid again as you listen to the sounds of nature or surround yourself with your softest pillows and disappear into a good movie.

These are just a couple of small things you can do to escape the chaos for a while, but hopefully, that cabin fever you’ve been feeling will feel just that much easier to get through. Keep staying at home, and keeping staying safe!

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