Pinoy hip-hop phenom Shanti Dope is back with more of his relatable flows in latest single, “Lutang.”

The track, all about being stuck on a love you can’t resist, is a collaboration between the rapper and producers BryMnzn, DJ Klumcee, Buddahbeads, and Ejac, with each one bringing their own verse and style relating to irresistible infatuation.

Prior to this track, his previous single “Normalan” recently hit over 3 million streams on both YouTube and Spotify respectively, just months after its release. The track and video were released at the onset of the ongoing pandemic, affecting both physical gigs and promotional activities, yet its appeal remained and continues to prove Shanti’s growing influence in the rap scene. He was also last seen collaborating with OPM icons Parokya ni Edgar and Gloc-9 in the Parokya remix of Pati Pato, another much-awaited collaboration by fans all across the board.

Lutang is now available on streaming platforms worldwide. Watch the lyric video below.

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