Creative freelancing has always been a competitive and challenging landscape and with COVID-19 affecting all kinds of brands and businesses, gigs are getting even harder to come by nowadays. If you’re a freelancer in need of spaces to advertise yourself, we’ve got a shortlist of local and international sites that’ll help you get your name out there.


Launched in 2018 by GIGIL, the ad agency founded by Moonstar88’s and 6cyclemind’s Herbert Hernandez, Indierectory is a local database that helps creative freelancers and ad independents connect with potential clients. The site gained a lot more traction in the midst of quarantine, so getting your name on that list could help you find some work in these trying times.

Independent Creative and Advertising Professionals

Undoubtedly the largest community of Filipino creatives on Facebook, the ICAP Facebook group has been helping freelancers find work with both indie and large corporate businesses since 2010. Whether you’re a creative looking for project-based gigs to part-time work, religiously scrolling through the ICAP page will undoubtedly give you results.


Fiverr is a website anyone can access where you can pay people located across the globe for specific services; from creating a logo for your brand to teaching you how to play an instrument, all at a starting price of $5 and up. Fiverr is home to a wide array of creatives and professionals from niche industries, so signing up and laying down your credentials and competitive prices should get you customers from anywhere around the world.


Another way you can put your professional self out there is through the hashtag, #MayOpeningBaDiyan. Used by both creatives and employers alike, the hashtag is a pretty innovative use of modern social media to get people’s attention. Post it to Twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook and see who’ll bite.

Freelancers Hive PH

Freelancers Hive PH is a pretty new Facebook group, started just last year. With job posts by freelancers looking for openings, businesses looking for project-based to full-time workers, and helpful tips on getting through different freelance situations, people new to the freelancing scene might find a smaller online community a little less overwhelming when starting out.

Girlgaze Network

This one is for all the female and non-binary creatives out there. The popular and empowering platform for women, Girlgaze, has created the Girlgaze Network, a database aimed at connecting both established and emerging creatives all around the world with various agencies and brands. Simply sign up and find all the international opportunities available to you.

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