5 months into the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine and with the weather transitioning from hot summer days to the rainy season, it’s safe to say that by now, many of us have become accustomed to isolated and socially distanced life indoors. But while we’re now living most of our days inside, we still have to mask up and head out every once in a while to pop to the shop or go to work. And with our day-to-day routines lounging at home set in place, nothing could be better than WIP Caps‘ latest collection, Rainy Days 2020.

As its name suggests, the collection was made with these wet times in isolation in mind. From tees to joggers, caps to umbrellas, and mugs to coozies, Rainy Days 2020 gives us comfortable yet functional pieces perfect for staying at home or stepping out for a bit in the rain.

And while it was made in the midst of the pandemic, the collection stands to free everyone’s imaginations, dreaming of vibing with their crews once more and of brighter days ahead.

Check out the lookbook video for the collection here:

WIP’s Rainy Days 2020 collection is now available. Cop the full release over at their official website.

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