More than once in our lives, we’ve seeked solace in music. We can either jam to happy upbeat songs to uplift our sad mood or listen to a more emotional type of track to get more into our feelings. Music is sort of like therapy and “Don’t Quote Me”, Dia Maté’s newly released EP, brings us through a rollercoaster of emotions. 

The 19 year-old singer, songwriter and producer confesses that when she writes lyrics for her songs, it’s dedicated to the people that inspire her. “Creating my music has served as an outlet of expression for me during the tough periods of my life. I wrote my songs as if they were letters to the people that inspired them, but felt empowered with the knowledge that this symbolic letter would never reach them–and they would never know how I truly felt, or feel now.”

Songs, especially those self-written by the artist, affect us listeners on a different kind of level. We feel this in Take Me Away, a raw and genuine expression of Dia’s feelings. Another track off her EP that she self-recorded is Beautiful Disaster. On the other hand, she was given the chance to work with Fern. and Kindered Productions, which she deeply enjoyed. This collaboration produced the track entitled Faded.  Dream is a song which was released a month earlier than her EP. This song was produced by Blaster Salonga of IV of Spades, which Dia recorded solely at home. 

Dia’s lyricism continuously echoes her honest emotions that are rooted in experiences of Dia’s different stages in life. “I find that sharing such a vulnerable aspect of myself to the world is simply what it means to be an artist.” 

Dia Maté’s latest EP “Don’t Quote Me” is available on all major streaming platforms worldwide. You can also stream her track visualizers on YouTube.

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