The photography industry has been saturated with male artists longer than we could imagine, and so female photographers have been working extra hard to achieve the same success in the industry. It is not surprising that female artists clamored when this huge camera brand released their brand ambassador list full of male photographers in suits. Sure, these male photographers have the talent and enough experience to represent a huge camera brand, but are we really that short of photographers that there’s no diversity in this brand ambassador list?

Allow us to give you a rundown of 6 Filipina photographers who have definitely proven themselves in their craft. 

Karen Dela Fuente (@rocket)
Karen’s strong yet perfect use of contrast gives her photos dream-like feels that makes her event, landscape, and portrait shots standout. Karen has taken photos for Jericho Rosales, Ben & Ben, Wanderland, and many more.

Cru Camara (@crucamara)
Cru tells stories through lights and color like no other. This play of colors gives her photos a surrealist touch and takes its viewers outside the ordinary. Aside from working with huge publications in the country, Cru’s works have also reached international publications like Chroma Magazine and Der Greif Contemporary Photography.

Regine David (@reginedavid)
Regine offers a cinematic experience on her photos through capturing soft and intimate portraits. She has worked with known brands such as Uniqlo USA, Zalora, Urban Outfitters, etc. Regine’s works have also been featured in several local and international publications.

Kim Wee Ebol (@kimweeebol_)
Kim brings us a nostalgic vibe through both digital and film by capturing star-studded portraits and behind the scenes of her production works. She is also the CEO and director of Spotlight Creatives that has worked with well-known companies in the country and has received several media awards.

Andrea Genota (@andreagenota)
Andrea’s tropical-aesthetic photos take you to a different place. What makes her shots interesting is the balanced amount of mundane and professional. Andrea has taken photos for different local brands and recently has shot for Converse’s global campaign for Pride.

Jam Sta. Rosa (@jamstarosa)
Jam takes you to the reality of life in the country through raw and authentic storytelling with her photos. Her photos are captured and timed perfectly to convey the lives of ordinary Filipinos, and even those in power. She is currently a photo correspondent for Philippine Daily Inquirer.

This list includes just a few of many more talented female photographers in the country. Let this serve as a memo to brands in the industry, that talented female artists in the Philippines do exist and it’s time to give them the proper recognition and representation they deserve. 

It’s 2021. We need to start acknowledging talent outside the circle of straight men. It has always been a struggle for women to get by in any industry in this patriarchal society. So let us hope that the fight for equality that has been going on for so long will not be put to waste.

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