Pet-friendly coffee shops and hubs for hobbyists to gather and play games aren’t entirely groundbreaking concepts on their own, but SideQuest: Cafè + Hobby Lounge manages to mix and match these themes together. Anyone could step into its realm of endless possibilities for them to experience and find something to enjoy.

Funko pop fanatics and collectors could be tempted to add one or even five to their existing memorabilia with displays shelved on every corner of the shop up for grabs, some even being autographed items and rarities supplied by House of Inks, and Official Hoyoverse / Genshin Impact merch is supplied by AEZER.  Trading card connoisseurs meanwhile are able to partake in tournaments and matches for different franchises like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering. Other games are also on offer such as popular board games and even tabletop games in the form of WarHammer 40k and Age of Sigmar (courtesy of Hobby Factory), and Dungeons & Dragons.

SideQuest is also open for cup sleeve events in which rabid fan bases from Swifties to Carats are able to gather around and enjoy each other’s company while worshiping their idols over a cup of coffee. Some even choose to hold roleplaying events with people dressing-up as their favorite characters for the amusement of others (often times for themselves), with Gamebookr from Pokemon Philippines being a noteworthy guest.

Even if you’re not caught up in the loop with the immense pop-culture lore surrounding the establishment, you’re sure to appreciate the passion that Gamer Girls Philippines’ Courtney Sayson and team (including the likes of Johat, Czyphr, among others) have poured into the endeavor. Combining her love for her 2 pet dogs and the satisfaction of bringing together different members of different collectives under one roof, even talents from Tier One Philippines and AMPLFY are buying into the hype as notable personalities like Biancake, DreiGaspar, coach.abby, and Anduin’s Highgrounds have all expressed support for the upstart cafè.

Sidequest: Cafè + Hobby Lounge is located at the 3rd Floor EastWing of Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, Pasig City where you can indulge in your interests to have a relaxing and enjoyable time surrounded by creatures, gamers, cosplayers, and a welcoming community that’ll make you guarantee to make you feel comfortable and right at home where you belong.

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