One Click Straight has once again taken the unconventional route in being one of the RADDEST acts in the music scene today. With their latest NONZEROSUMGIG in the books, the band themselves left hints for diehard fans to discover as all roads led to Mow’s last November 16th.

Minimal marketing was the intention for this intimate gig as the most loyal members of the RADKID CLUB immediately sniffed out that OCS was cooking up another gig with the cryptic QR codes posted on their socials. A chase for clues revealed a series of questions about their loyalty (or just the ability to search online) as previous gig venues and dates were on

Expanding the experience and the band’s lore would be their very own comic book short entitled The Untitled Epilogue – further fleshing out the sci-fi and emo goth fused animated music video for Siya. Eagle-eyed fans may have spotted several references relating to the band’s recent history and discography, mainly their MRT music video and the NONZEROSUMGIG series.

They told a story of how love and music can bring life to a community through Tonet and Timo escaping the clutches of the Trigon infecting the innocent people of the metro and turning them into mindless Infectizoids. Timo then succumbs to the effects of the Rogue Signal only to be rescued by Tonet and her discovery of how One Click Straight’s music can cure the disease. The lovable emo duo both ended up in Mow’s after saving the day to invite the reader to the secret gig’s location.

“Sky’s the limit with our music and the Radkid Club. The comic book and the NONZEROSUMGIG series is just the beginning.”

2023 has been a rad year to say the least for the band of brothers – with an album and a series of gigs in the bag, all eyes are on One Click Straight to produce more genuine music for their rabid fanbase who have been there for the group since the beginning.

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