With the day of hearts fast approaching, gift guides are popping up, restaurants are starting to be fully booked, and everyone is asking you your plans for the night. We get it, Valentines can be overwhelming, especially with it landing on a Wednesday, most of us just want to clock off work and lay in bed afterwards. 

So, for this Valentine’s Day, we’re opting to stay in and just chill out. With that, we’ve got some CLAVEL picks for you, your partner, or your homies, there’s a movie for everyone.

In this round of CLAVEL Picks, we’ve got movie recommendations for you, whether you’re planning on staying in with your partner, your homies or girls, there’s something for everyone.


Alright, we know romantic comedies are Valentine’s Day staples, and we’re big fans of it as well! But, for this guide, here’s underrated ones that we think are perfect for date nights. 

Kicking it off with this gem, Moonstruck (1987), starring Cher & Nicolas Cage, as Loretta and Ronny respectively, navigating the highs and lows of romance while a full moon is up. Are they in love? Or is it the influence of the stars? 

Now if you’re into something a little more intense and fast-paced then True Romance (1993) is the film for you. 

Centered on a murder gone wrong, Clarence (Christian Slater) and Alabama (Patricia Arquette) rush to flee the scene and pick up the wrong suitcase, ending up in a non-stop chase between the two lovebirds and the mob. 

On the flipside, Punch Drunk Love (2002) is a bit more toned down than the latter. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, we get a glimpse of his take on a romantic movie. This one is all about a socially awkward business owner Barry (Adam Sandler) finding his footing both in life and the romance department.


Others look forward to Valentine’s Day, with the pink hearts and cupid aesthetic, while some will probably treat it as a typical day. If you’re just looking to take your mind off of Valentine’s, here are some films that are far from being romantic. 

First off, we have Misery (1990), adapted from Stephen King’s novel, a nerve-wracking film about a novelist, Paul, (James Caan) and his superfan, Annie (Kathy Bates). Set on snowy Colorado roads, it starts as sweet as Annie helps out her favorite novelist when his car crashes. Things take a turn real quick, as Paul realizes that maybe Annie doesn’t want him to leave. 

Up next, we’re doing a complete 180 on romance, with  Happy Together (1997). Ironically, the title hooks you in and lets you believe it’ll be light-hearted fun. But Director Wong Kar Wai subverts your expectations, as the audiences follow the failing love story of Ho-Po Wing (Leslie Chung) and Lai Yiu-Fai (Tony Leung). 

For this next film, it’s really up to you if you think it’s romantic or not, but for sure The Love Witch (2016) is a fun time. Starting from her husband’s death, a young witch named Elaine (Samantha Robinson) stumbles upon a town open for witchcraft. Attempting to find love again, the witch creates potions, dabbles in devil’s weed, and accidentally gets linked to a murder.


Of course, there’s room for platonic love on Valentine’s Day. Here are a couple of recommendations to satisfy your barkada movie night. 

We think Coherence (2013) should be a night-in movie staple. Especially, when watching with friends, there’s nothing more fun than arguing and theorizing together about what really went down in the film. In case you haven’t watched it, the sci-fi thriller indie gem, Coherence (2013), is a mystery to all of us. It revolves around a group of friends and their interrupted dinner party. Soon things get weird and the others disappear. 

On a lighter note, if you guys are feeling a heist thriller then the classic Ocean’s Eleven (2001) will be right up your alley. Starring an all A-list cast, from George Clooney to Julia Robert, the film will keep you on your toes, as they assemble a crew to rob a Las Vegas Casino. Also, if you liked that, the good news is that there are two whole films following the same cast of characters. Making up for a great movie marathon.

Now, if you and your friends are into a coming of age type of movie night, we recommend these films that are perfect for that middle school nostalgia. 

Our first pick is Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret (2023), a film about girlhood that will make you look back to your pre-puberty years, first guy crush, and all the confusion that comes at that age. Another film we chose is perfect for aspiring artists, Funny Pages (2022) is a great meditation and glimpse back to the first few years you explore your craft. Honing that skill hard enough, and it’s even tougher combined with puberty and all that teenage rage.

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