REIKO, a 21-year-old Japanese-Filipino singer based in Japan, is on the come up with his unique journey and unwavering vulnerability. Recently making his debut performance in the Philippines, REIKO’s connection to his roots was deeply felt as he returned to a place that felt like home. 

REIKO’s journey began when he faced the challenges of growing up as a Filipino in Japan. Despite feeling different in Japanese schools, he learned to embrace his uniqueness, realizing its pivotal role in creating authentic and compelling music.

“I don’t feel insecure when I feel weak.”

Embracing both Japanese and Filipino values, REIKO expresses gratitude for having the best of both worlds. His vulnerability, in particular, becomes his strength as he navigates through life. Unlike the myriad of performers in Japan who undergo rigorous training from an early age, REIKO didn’t have the luxury of taking actual lessons growing up. Instead, he opted to ask for help from other more seasoned creatives. REIKO’s vulnerability leads him to seek help from others, pushing him to grow and learn. Instead of feeling insecure in his moments of weakness, he embraces them as opportunities for growth.

“When you’re dealing with a challenge, sometimes you forget that you’re in this body. And you forget to take care of yourself. So I just breathe.” 

In the face of challenges, REIKO showcases his simple yet powerful coping mechanism: to breathe and have fun. He remains grounded, reminding himself of the importance of self-care and enjoying the process of his musical journey.

“The music always comes first.” 

REIKO’s dedication to music is unparalleled. With the music always taking precedence, he has put in an incredible amount of work to reach the level he is at today. It has not always been an easy road, as he needed to mature and refine his skills to compete with other performers. Feeling somewhat isolated during this pursuit, REIKO has grown to realize the value of seeking support from friends, his team, and other collaborators.

“Believe in yourself. When you fully believe in yourself, people will start to believe in you too.”

When asked for advice for up-and-coming artists, REIKO’s message is simple yet profound: Believe in yourself. By embodying self-belief, others will begin to believe in you too.

Looking ahead, REIKO aims to finish ongoing projects and release new music, all while continuing to explore his own artistic identity. Among his aspirations, one particular dream of REIKO’s is to hold a concert in the Philippines—an event that would undoubtedly serve as a testament to his journey and the universal language of music he passionately shares with the world.

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