In a world of endless music options, sometimes it’s the unassuming bands that capture our hearts the most. Enter bird., a band that is making waves with their genuine approach to music. Composed of Eco the “Mic kisser”, Hannah the “Thing Kicker”, Calde on Bass, and Aaron on Guitar, bird. is a collective of interesting characters who come from different musical backgrounds that came together to create something that feels right for them. 

“Nung umpisa “no pressure” lang. Yung idea is record natin yung material, labas natin yung music, and share lang natin yung mga kanta natin at experiences.” Eco shares.

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Familiar Faces

The journey of bird. began in 2018 when Calde and Eco, both familiar faces in the gig scene, decided to form a new band. Hannah soon joined in to jam, but it wasn’t until Aaron stepped in with his unique perspective that the true essence of bird. began to take shape. At first it was a “no pressure” project. They just wanted to bring their ideas to life. It was more about, “let’s record the material, put the music out and share our experiences to the world.” and together, they went into the studio, dissected their music, and discovered a sound that resonated with all of them.

Eco says “Hindi na namin in-overthink yung band name. Pero feeling namin na-represent niya parin kami as individuals and as a band.” 

Simply known as bird.

The name “bird.” comes from a random suggestion from their band chat group, that holds various interpretations. It could symbolize peace, embody a person like Larry Bird, or simply represent their music as something free-spirited and liberating. It’s a word that just feels right, capturing the band’s essence and artistic direction.

Describing their genre as “vibecore,” bird. combines the various genres they have explored throughout their music careers, resulting in a sound that feels like the perfect progression of their musical taste and influences.

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Aaron says “Gusto namin maka-interact yung mga communities kung saan kami galing.”

Unlikely Gig Spots 

If you’ve watched a bird. gig you’d know that they’re big on playing at unlikely gig venues. Rather than doing the typical gig circuit in Manila, they found themselves playing at furniture stores, skate shops, malls, and even nightclubs. According to the band, the idea here is to bring their audience into spaces that resonate with their music, spaces where the band feels a sense of belonging. A bird. show honestly feels like a house party. They curate their lineups and choose gig spaces that align with their sound and partner up with the communities they believe in. Attracting an array of free-spirited gig goers, from weekenders, skaters, and surfers to even students and corporate individuals looking for an escape through music. 

Video by Lion Radio PH

“Coming from heavier bands and playing softer music, ito yung natural progression ng music namin.”
Calde says. 

It’s Time For A Good Cry 

Their debut album, “oshin,” which is inspired by a Japanese TV show loosely translates to “It’s Time For A Good Cry,” was a labor of love that was originally planned for release before the pandemic hit. However, in a time of darkness and uncertainty, bird. made the conscious decision to prioritize the musical experience over putting something out half-heartedly. They knew they couldn’t tour it and believed that their album, which celebrates friendship and cherished memories, deserved to be released at a more fitting time when people could fully appreciate its message.

As the band set off on their oshin album tour, they divided the tour into three waves. Making each wave about collaborating with people that they love, places that they like, artists that they support, and brands they believe in. 

bird.’s story reflects the human aspect of making music. The sound, the shows, the friendships all just feel right. 

Join bird. at their oshin tour and follow them on your favorite social media platforms to stay updated with the band’s journey. 

Shot on location at Khao Khai “Thai Chicken House” One Ayala branch. Shoutout to Vans Philippines for providing the band with their drip.

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