Last April 18, 2024, we were invited to the fashion preview of BUM’s latest collection entitled BLACK ARMY Coords. The launch encapsulates the brand’s commitment to innovation, practicality, and the indomitable spirit of youth culture. The collection boasts a wide selection of pieces inspired by earth tones and the functional aesthetic of military wear.

From the Sidewalks to the Spotlight

The showcase unveiled the BLACK ARMY Coords collection with a catwalk filled with models, styled by Jana Silao. The collection breathes new life into practical pullovers, hooded jackets, cargo shorts, and oversized tees. Each piece stands as a testament to the brand’s versatility, designed not just for looks but also for the everyday grind, embodying an effortless blend of attitude and functionality.

Embracing a New Chapter with Kim Perez

Adding to the collection’s allure, BUM warmly welcomed Mr. Kim Perez as its latest brand ambassador. Together with key figures from the brand’s management, Perez’s introduction symbolizes a fresh and exciting chapter for BUM Black Army, one that promises to resonate with the brand’s audience and beyond. His embodiment of the brand’s style and expressive ethos marks a pivotal step forward for BUM’s narrative.

The Lifestyle Beyond Apparel

The launch reaffirms BUM Black Army’s position not just as a fashion label but as a lifestyle symbol for the youth. Inspired by good music, a clear vision of streetwear, and the essence of practical yet thoughtful design, the brand continues to be more than just apparel — it’s a canvas for self-expression.

As the BLACK ARMY Coords make their debut across BUM Black Army Boutiques, they invite you to visit their stores and become part of this evolving story. Join the conversation across social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok by using #BUMBlackArmyCoords.

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