Just recently, adidas Originals launched its fresh global campaign, celebrating the legacy of its trailblazing trinity: the Gazelle, Samba, and Handball Spezial. Originating from the dynamic world of sports, these classic silhouettes have sprinted far beyond the pitch and court, embedding themselves in the fabric of diverse cultures and art scenes. Just as each book and film has a backstory, so do these sneakers, evolving from athletic essentials to symbols of style and self-expression, blending the lines between performance and artistry.

In frame: SAMBA OG in Core Black / Cloud White / Gum

The Samba: More Than Just A Dance

First introduced in the 1950s, the adidas Samba was designed to help footballers train on icy grounds. However, its purpose swiftly transcended sport. Today, the Samba is a street staple, beloved not only by athletes but by artists, musicians, and fashion icons alike. Each pair tells a story of resilience, of adaptability, and of the rhythm of daily life that mirrors the dance it is named after.

In frame: Gazelle Indoor in Semi Spark / Wonder Clay / Cloud White

The Gazelle: A Symbol of Change

The adidas Gazelle, first released in 1966, was a breakthrough as one of the first shoes to be made with suede. Its design simplicity and wide range of colors made it a canvas for expression, appealing to various subcultures over the decades. From the hip-hop scene to the skateboarding community, the Gazelle has been a symbol of change, embodying the stories of progress and the bold steps of pioneers.

In frame: HANDBALL SPEZIAL in Core Blue / Cream White / Crystal White

The Handball Spezial: A Nod to Nostalgia

Originally designed for the sport of handball in 1979, the Handball Spezial quickly found its footing beyond the courts. It’s a nod to nostalgia, capturing the spirit of the late ’70s and ’80s. Each pair serves as a keepsake of a bygone era, a token of vintage charm, and a reminder of the camaraderie and spirited competitions that define the sport.

And by talking about these pairs, we’re paying tribute to you, the wearer – the artists, the visionaries, the mavericks, the hopefuls. Every step tells a story, every shoe charts a journey. With adidas Originals, now it’s your time to step inside these shoes and write your own story.

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