The weekend has finally arrived, wrapping you in its warm, cozy embrace. And there you are, sitting comfortably in your favorite spot, holding a glass of your fave liquor. Yet, something’s amiss—the right music companion to complete this experience. Enter the smooth stylings of Jose Miguel

Jose Miguel’s melodies are the companion to your calm night, the soundtrack to your introspection, and the perfect accompaniment to an evening spent savoring the art of being.

Jazz Roots

It’s rare to stumble across someone who’s a fan of a different generation’s music. Jazz has been linked to our grandparent’s generation, but here, Jose Miguel brings jazz into 2024. 

Jose Miguel’s journey into jazz was not immediate. His early musical memories included playing covers of popular OPM artists like Rico Blanco and Bamboo. However, the biggest influence on his shift to jazz was his family. “The moment I would get into my grandfather’s car, jazz records were always playing. That’s how I fell in love with jazz,” Jose Miguel reminisced.

His passion for music propelled him to pursue Music Production in college, where his appreciation for the art deepened. During this time, Jose Miguel, along with his friends, formed a jazz-influenced 5-piece band known as Basically Saturday Night (BSN).

Jose Miguel eventually committed fully to his solo career, releasing singles and, ultimately, his debut album entitled “5 Star Overthinker.”

Overthinker < Overdoer

Jazz, just like every other genre, isn’t just about the music. Jazz has its attributed fashion, swag, and lifestyle. And that’s what makes Jose Miguel love it even more. “It’s not just the music that draws me to jazz; it’s the lifestyle — the swagger, how they dress, the way they would swoon women.”

And again, just like every genre, an album isn’t a one-man project. When working on the album, Jose Miguel shares that he didn’t do it alone. He credits his collaborator Gabriel Dandan and the other musicians and instrumentalists who made his vision come to life. And because of these constant collaborators, he built a strong respect for the art and profession of musicians. He makes sure that everyone he works with is given the proper compensation for their time, efforts, and talents. 

5 Star Performer

Often compared to greats like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, Jose Miguel acknowledges these influences. “What you hear on the album is authentic. It’s music from the soul,” he asserts. 

Jose Miguel stresses the unique experience of live performances, believing that they reveal the full power of his music, which streaming platforms can’t fully capture. “I don’t see myself as a hitmaker, but if you come to see me perform live, then you’ll understand why I love this music. Performing is in my heart.” he shares.

For those looking to enjoy an evening filled with soulful jazz and powerful vocals, keep an eye out for Jose Miguel’s upcoming shows. It promises to be an enchanting experience with live horns and his compelling voice setting the perfect ambiance.

Follow Jose Miguel on his Instagram to catch his shows and performances. 

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