Located at the heart of Makati’s nightlife, Poblacion, is a 3-storey building known as 5969. It houses four creative pursuits, including the Kin House, which occupies the 3rd floor and serves as the building’s premier art-centric bed and breakfast. Notably, Modular Studios offers a space to discuss culture and open up conversations on a larger platform through music. Dimdim presents a Filipino-Chinese inspired speakeasy. And 11:11, a passion project focused on ink on skin and the intriguing items one might find on its shelves. This literal powerhouse is open to the public and caters to the multifaceted needs of creatives. In short, it’s a one-stop hub for all things interesting.

The Kin House 

The Kin House, located on the 3rd floor of 5969, is Kelsey Mariel Uy’s creation, a distinctive art-centric bed and breakfast blending minimalistic design with the vibrancy of bold graphics and contemporary art. Its name, resonating with familial warmth, hints at its Japanese minimalism influence, mingled with Filipino artistic flair and hospitality. Drawing inspiration from stylish boutique hotels in global art hubs like Tokyo, Bangkok, and New York, The Kin House offers guests a unique sanctuary in the bustling landscape of Manila.

Artistry sits at the core of The Kin House, with original collaborations from notable artists Jp Pining and Deaf Eye Studios, infusing each room with unique energy through clean bold graphics and neo-futurism. A firm believer in the power of art, Kelsey integrates local indie film showings and other art mediums into the guest experience, further enhancing the stay with in-room projectors and screens for a personalized mini-theater atmosphere. Currently in its soft-opening phase, The Kin House invites guests to indulge in ‘Stay in Art’, a theme that promises not just a stay, but an immersive artistic voyage.

Modular Studios

Bryan Halo, a versatile artist, musician, and DJ, spearheads Modular Studios alongside his friend and business partner Mark Mendoza. This creative space serves as a “blank canvas” where ideas can become reality through available equipment, resources, and an active support network. The inception of Modular Studios traces back over a decade to Bryan and Mark’s dream during their DJ residency at Black Market, envisioning a place for unrestricted artistic collaboration. Today, the studio stands as a fulfillment of that dream, offering a platform to amplify cultural dialogue and forge connections within the creative community through music.

Modular Studios has evolved into a nurturing ground for talent, providing DJ workshops led by Bryan and Mark who share their knowledge and experience of the nightlife music industry with up-and-coming musicians. Along with educational sessions, the studio hosts events such as karaoke nights and jamming sessions with the aim to build community and spark collaborative ventures among diverse creatives.

Dim Dim

Dim Dim is a unique Filipino-Chinese inspired speakeasy co-owned by Kelsey Mariel Uy, located at the 2nd floor of the vibrant 5969. The concept for Dim Dim was born out of a passion for speakeasy bars that the owners discovered during their travels abroad, combined with their expertise in the food and beverage industry and the business sector. Designed to evoke the nostalgia of a ’90s Filipino-Chinese (FilChi) childhood and the elegance of an art gallery, Dim Dim translates to “drink drink” in Fookien, accurately capturing the establishment’s playful spirit and focus on innovative drinks made with familiar ingredients like haw flakes and pei pa koa.

Dim Dim not only offers a creative drinking experience, but also excels in culinary delight, with standout dishes that reinterpret classic flavors, such as their “salt and pepper squid” made from mushrooms in an effort to promote sustainability. The menu artfully combines traditional methods with contemporary techniques to elevate familiar tastes while respecting the classics. Beyond the menu, Dim Dim creates a warm, intimate community atmosphere through weekly events like Thursday trivia nights and is currently expanding its offerings to include signature non-alcoholic drinks. It strives to be a ‘third home’ for its guests, providing a welcoming space between work and home.


11:11 stands as a passion project rooted deeply in the founders’ dream of cultivating a space for artistic expression, primarily focusing on the art of tattooing. It distinguishes itself by combining the aesthetic of a thrift store with the intrigue of a Renaissance-era cabinet of curiosities, offering both ink on skin and an array of captivating curios. The concept evolved from the personal experiences of the founders, who, after being united by their love for tattoos in their early 20s, decided in 2022 to actualize their vision of a creative haven centered on tattoo artistry. This ambition was propelled by the realization that waiting for the ‘right time’ was futile, prompting them to take decisive action towards their goal.

Choosing the venue at 5969, the team at 11:11 has developed a diverse and welcoming environment that goes beyond tattooing to include tarot readings, recognizing these as an extension of their fascination with the occult and metaphysical realms. This unique fusion not only enhances the overall customer experience by offering affirmations from the universe alongside artistic expression but also affirms the founders’ belief in the spiritual significance of the number 11:11 as a marker of alignment and enlightenment. Through a mix of art, spirituality, and communal engagement, 11:11 aims to be a space where both artists and clients can experience reflection, growth, and connection, embodying the principle of “as above, so below; as within, so without; like attracts like.” With plans to further foster art and collaboration, 11:11 is poised for growth, grounded in its community and the values that inspired its inception. 

After exploring each corner of 5969, we found ourselves enveloped in a sense of belonging. This space feels both familiar and refreshingly new, keeping us engaged and curious. So, whether you’re in the mood for a tattoo, craving Filipino-Chinese food, looking to hang out with musicians, or simply seeking inspiration, 5969 is definitely worth a visit.

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