We’re looking for passionate individuals with a drive to make their dreams (and ours) come true. Sappy, we know. But that’s how it is.

We’re storytellers; through words and art, music and movement, fashion and form–hell, even through food and drink. We appreciate a good story, and it is always our pleasure to share one. We try not to take ourselves too seriously (yung saktong serious lang), but we seriously love what we do. We hope you could join us, ‘coz this is gonna be fun.



The Editorial & Content Assistant supports senior editorial staff in all aspects of the administration, planning, execution, and production of different creative projects. The Editorial & Content Assistant will be tasked to write articles, features, blurbs, online content, press releases, and accompanying materials, as well as basic proofreading of commissioned articles before being submitted to the editor.

As the Editorial & Content Assistant, one of the more exciting tasks that you would be part of is participating in the conceptualizing, planning, execution, and production of online digital content.

The Editorial & Content Assistant will also be the direct line of communication between the company and the contributors (writers, photographers, artists, videographers, stylists, etc.) to assist in the assigning, scheduling, and gathering of commissioned work. The Editorial & Content Assistant will also coordinate directly with the digital marketing team regarding the strategic scheduling and execution of social media posts.

Our Editorial & Content Assistant has gotta be highly organized, driven, creative, and versatile in different environments.


If you know how to roll with the punches and take the (tequila) shots, then send us your resumé and portfolio to [email protected]



Passion to create is a must for the Multimedia Artist. In this particular case, we’re looking for a creative individual whose specialties lie in photography, video production and editing, and graphic design.

The Multimedia Artist works under the direction of the senior editorial staff to create visual concepts using various media to conceptualize, design, and produce creative work for the needs of the company, and it’s creative agency clients, whose work comprises of but is not limited to digital/online visual materials, advertisements (print and online), creative client campaigns, photography, video production and editing, etc.


Send in your resumés and creative body of work to [email protected] today.

Internship Applications are currently on hold until March 2019. While waiting, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.