We’re looking for driven, passionate go-getters with a drive to make sh*t happen (so to speak) at CLAVEL Media and our mothership, BoyBrightBoy Multimedia Corporation.

We’re storytellers interested in street culture and its many facets; through words and art, music and movement, fashion and form–hell, even through food and drink. We appreciate a good story, and it is always our pleasure to share one. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we seriously love what we do.

We dream stuff up, conceptualize events, envision the future, and then we make them happen with our own two hands.

Join us. This is gonna be fun.


The Sales and Marketing Manager plays a highly significant role in fostering the company’s growth and is responsible for identifying, pursuing, and creating various business opportunities for the company. The Sales and Marketing Manager takes the lead in strategy planning to identify and meet the company and its clients’ business goals and objectives.

The Sales and Marketing Manager builds and manages the relationships with existing clients, and perseveres to connect and grow relationships with new clients in order to create and identify business opportunities for the company. The Sales and Marketing Manager manages the company’s brand portfolio in terms of brand imaging with the goal of maximizing leverage both in sales and consumer brand perception. The Sales and Marketing Manager also monitors the competitive landscape of the company’s clients and identifies the latest trends in the market in terms of marketing, advertising, and promotional campaigns.

The Sales and Marketing Manager initiates market studies and other forms of research (personal feedback, online research, etc.) to gain insights regarding the company’s brand, its clients, and on-going projects/events. In order to effectively grow business ventures, the Sales and Marketing Manager evaluates the financial aspects of their position such as marketing budget, expenditures, and return-on-investment and profit-loss projections.

The Sales and Marketing Manager is expected to develop and oversee the preparation of reports needed in effective account management and client servicing: account management reports, project status reports, marketing and sales reports, budget reports, post-mortem reports, etc.

An integral part of the Sales and Marketing Manager position is being able to establish and maintain relationships with industry influencers, leaders, and key strategic partners. The Sales and Marketing Manager also ensures the smooth production of all campaigns and projects–from briefing creatives teams, to managing budgets, and overseeing the production and delivery of third party agencies and suppliers. The Sales and Marketing Manager also coordinates with parties concerned for the company’s media placements, event sponsorships, press releases, promotions, etc. to ensure maximum exposure of the company’s brands.

We’re looking for a Sales and Marketing Manager who is a responsible leader, a creative and strategic thinker, and a dedicated worker. If all this is resonating with you, then email your applications to us at [email protected]


The HR/Administrative Officer acts as the point of contact for all employees, providing human resources and administrative support, and managing their queries. The main duties of the HR/Administrative Officer include preparing the necessary documents for payroll and facilitates the completion of all necessary documents needed by HR and/or Accounting to accomplish the payroll, managing office materials stock, preparing regular reports (e.g. expenses, timesheets, office budgets, and the like), as well as filing and organizing company records, requesting and facilitating the disbursements and liquidations of Accountable Cash Advances (ACA), and the like.

The HR/Administrative Officer also initiates and implements the best and effective practices in human resources and administrative functions. The HR/Administrative Officer also prepares and analyzes financial statements for the management team, manage databases and document processes, and implement organized and efficient systems for better workflow. Ultimately, the HR/Administrative Officer should be able to ensure that HR and administrative duties and activities run smoothly on a daily and long-term basis.

If you’d like to join our energetic and creative team, send us your applications at [email protected].

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