We’re looking for driven, passionate go-getters with a drive to make sh*t happen (so to speak) at CLAVEL Media and our mothership, BoyBrightBoy Multimedia Corporation.

We’re storytellers interested in street culture and its many facets; through words and art, music and movement, fashion and form–hell, even through food and drink. We appreciate a good story, and it is always our pleasure to share one. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we seriously love what we do.

We dream stuff up, conceptualize events, envision the future, and then we make them happen with our own two hands.

Join us. This is gonna be fun.


The Operations Manager plays a key role in the company management team and oversees many aspects in managing the business. The Operations Manager’s role encompasses Human Resource Management, Asset Management, and Cost Management.

The Operations Manager has high-level Human Resources (HR) duties such as attracting the right talent, and setting progressive training standards and hiring procedures of the company, with support from Human Resources (HR). The Operations Manager also analyzes and improves the organizational processes, and seeks to improve the quality, productivity, and efficiency of each employee as well as the company overall.

The Operations Manager ensures that all assets of the company are available and in good, working order for the company’s overall productivity, efficiency, and security. The Operations Manager is also the gate-keeper of the company’s cash flow and is in charge of managing costs; from facilitating and motivating income, to managing company expenses.

We need an Operations Manager who is a responsible leader, a progressive thinker, and a dedicated worker. If all this is resonating with you, then email us at [email protected].


Passion to create is a must for the Multimedia Artist. In this particular case, we’re looking for a creative individual whose specialties lie in photography, video production, video editing, graphic design, and layout.

The Multimedia Artist works under the direction of the senior editorial and creative staff to create visual concepts using various media to conceptualize, design, and produce creative work for the needs of the company, and its creative agency clients, whose work comprises of but is not limited to digital/online visual materials, advertisements (print and online), creative client campaigns, photography, video production and editing, etc.

If you can see yourself on this creative path, send in your resumés and creative body of work to [email protected] today.


We are looking for a full-time Project Manager with at least one (1) year of professional experience who is highly organized, self-motivated, efficient, and resourceful.

We’re looking for a Project Manager whose main role is to oversee specific creative projects and campaigns on a day-to-day basis; ensuring that they run smoothly from planning, to execution, until project closure. The Project Manager ensures the timely and efficient execution of projects by allocating resources and coordinating staff, ensuring that the project promptly follows the determined timelines and schedules, and keeps within budget.

Project Managers are also expected to ensure the fulfillment of the project objectives, liaise with third-party suppliers and talents, prepare and manage budgets, assess the project’s progress and performance, report to managers, and mitigate project risks.

If you love getting sh*t done and making it happen, send in your resumés to [email protected] today.

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