Passion to create is a must for the Multimedia Artist. In this particular case, we’re looking for a creative individual whose specialties lie in photography, video production and editing, and graphic design.

The Multimedia Artist works under the direction of the senior editorial staff to create visual concepts using various media to conceptualize, design, and produce creative work for the needs of the company, and it’s creative agency clients, whose work comprises of but is not limited to digital/online visual materials, advertisements (print and online), creative client campaigns, photography, video production and editing, etc.


Send in your resumés and creative body of work to [email protected] today.




The Marketing Officer supports and collaborates with the Marketing Manager in planning/developing, managing, and executing all marketing campaigns for CLAVEL and other agency accounts. Together with the editorial and creative team, the Marketing Officer also collaborates with them during planning and developing campaign pitches and strategies for CLAVEL and other agency accounts.


Hustle on over and email your applications to [email protected] today.





Do you like writing? (Can you write?)
Do you like reading? (Can you even read?)

Do you like reading about stories on the internet and appreciate it when people realize the power of content? (–Did you understand what we meant by that?)

Do you like experiencing new things and meeting new people and are open to disappointments from time to time, and then putting all those experiences into a little box called your brain and then producing something creative out of your hands?

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If you take photos, yes.
If you take videos, yes.
If you edit those photos and videos, yes.
If you also happen to have graphic design skills, yes.
If you also happen to possess all these skills (and more), THEN F*CK YES.

Send your applications to [email protected]



So you wanna be in marketing, huh?
What does that even mean?
Oh, you wanna know?

Then send in your applications to [email protected]