The future is in our hands. And I don’t mean that figuratively. I mean that in every literal sense of the word. Every single day, we put our hands and minds to work to build the future we envision for ourselves. Everything we hope to achieve, and every version of ourselves that we hope to become all rests in the action we direct our hands to. We make our future.

We meet three individuals–#FUTUREMAKERS, if you will, who use their talents and passions in the best possible creation of the future. We take a peek at the future they envision and learn a little bit about what it might take to build it.

Andrei Suleik


as of 2019: 26 years-old
#Futuremaker Through: Photography

With every photograph Andrei takes, a story is told. Known for his portraits of versatile personalities and effortless fashion, Andrei prides himself on the genuine nature of his work.

“Me becoming a photographer happened naturally,” Andrei shares, detailing his gradual slide into the art form. “I chose to take portraits ‘cause it challenges me to bring out the most genuine emotion [out] of my subject.”

With his dreams originally set on a career in film, his foray into photography wasn’t quite a big surprise. But Andrei made sure to put in the work and the hours with near-constant self-education and practice.

“I try to shoot as much as I can to better my craft,” explains Andrei.

Upon meeting the man behind the curious hashtag #AndreiShotThe, you almost expect there to be a bit of fanfare considering his very popular subjects and projects. But what stands out is actually his unassuming nature that admittedly, most people find surprising as well.

“People think I’m not approachable when I’m introduced,” he shares. “[But] I can adapt to any environment. I’m a people-person.”

His simple yet bubbling-beneath-the-surface personality also spills into his work, always aiming to capture that deeper shade of meaning behind a subject’s eyes or the obscure reason behind a smile.

In imagining a future created by Andrei–say, in the year 2720–he shares three simple things we’d probably find there: a camera, coffee, and negroni. These three things, though simple in intent, would probably outlive us all–each a tool, a canvas, and fuel for creativity in themselves.

If your creative endeavors could change anything about the world, we ask, what change do you hope to affect? “Communication is key,” says Andrei. “It's how I get the best photo, and it's how the world [could] get better.”


Ida Anduyan

Content Creator

as of 2019: 25 years-old
#Futuremaker Through: Content Creation

Fashion is a form of expression and your style is how you introduce yourself. Following this train of thought, we now introduce you to Ida Anduyan–a versatile style sweetstreetheart with just the right amount of spice that makes everything nice.

As a young blogger, Ida has grown to express her visual artistry through the content she creates and shares–from the way she styles herself on a daily basis, to the aesthetic by which she presents her life. Her grid is the stuff of inspiration; the kind we used to cut out of magazines and stick on our walls.

But don’t let the glamour of the ‘Gram intimidate you. Ida doesn’t just hope to inspire people in the visual sense, but even through her mindset. As a cancer survivor, something Ida speaks openly about when asked, she lives her life constantly inspired and speaks volumes about self-care, acceptance, and personal growth.

“I just want people to realize that we are most awesome as ourselves–the bestest version of ourselves as we can be. Don’t envy, but aspire. And soon enough you’ll be the one inspiring many others,” says Ida.

“I just want people to realize that we are most awesome as ourselves–the bestest version of ourselves as we can be. Don’t envy, but aspire, and soon enough you’ll be the one inspiring many others,” says Ida.

Through her light and color-happy visual stylings, we get a glimpse of that up-beat persona living her best life. So as a #futuremaker, we ask, paint us a picture of the future.

“Greenery-coated buildings, we need a lot more of that,” says Ida. “Iced coffee that stays iced for a longer time, and last but not least…stylish, comfy, sneakers that levitate. Don’t look at me weird.”


Miko Carreon

Architect and Dancer

as of 2019: 26 years-old
#Futuremaker Through: Architecture and Dance

When we envision the future, the first thing that materializes in our imagination are the structures of tomorrow–horizontal skyscrapers, green living spaces, floating gardens, 3D-printed houses…the list is pretty much endless. And our next #futuremaker definitely has his work cut out for him.

Bust a move and say hello to Miko Carreon, the dancing architect of Quezon City (his words, not ours).

“To be honest, architecture wasn't really my first choice,” Miko admits candidly. “I didn't have the passion for architecture when I was still a freshman, then I realized I'd always been fascinated with art and design.”

From this fascination, Miko grew to love architecture from inspiring art and good design, developing a personal aesthetic that has transcended his occupation into his other forms of expression such as dance, fashion, music, and even in business, as the owner of a locally-sourced apparel brand.

Throughout his many endeavors, art is the common ground that ties them all together. With every strike of inspiration, the future glows brighter. “I think my passion for art fuels me to pursue everything that I'm doing now in life, and it motivates me to just create and make more beautiful things to share to the world,” Miko explains.

“To be honest, I just want to make the world a better place to live in using my craft as an architect and designer.”



words by angelathejedi

featuring photos by andrei suleik
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