We just want to say how proud we are with our Filipino Artists. From bands, singers, and rappers, to producers, directors, to editors, from make-up to hair, everyone is rocking the scene right now but there are the rare few who take it to another level.

Watch this. It’s all about the BOOM.

Beautiful Star.

Beautiful Star from Alfred Asuncion on Vimeo.

Eman Garcia ft. June Marie Jumao-as & Aman Dela Cruz
Produced by Lawrence Lu & Andrea Culla

Director/Editor/Colorist: Alfred Asuncion
Cinematographer: Tsard Chua
Assistant Director: Leon Isla
Make-up Artist: Shien Bithao
Hairstylist: Joshen Vahn Lee

Special thanks to:
ATTICA BAR & LOUNGE for opening their doors for the production
TONI SANTOS for showing us the doors
CHI ONG for her invaluable role as AGENCY+++
AZSSI MIQUIABAS for the “tv screen” light streaks
MIGS PALISPIS and CURBSIDE for screening the video at Saguijo

Stay tuned, we’re coming out with more tracks from different local artists for you to consume!

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