May 13, 2011. It was a Friday and we were in FORMO CEBU. We were expecting a steady night from the looks of things. And then…BOOM. NIX DAMN P and DJ ARYAN was rocking the crowd with old school soul and hiphop. The FORMO crowd was definitely appreciative and knew their music well!

This FORMO MIXTAPE by NIX DAMN P is a big thank you to FORMO CEBU for welcoming us with open arms, hearts, and ears. Hopefully, this will remind you of that epic night! For those who weren’t there, this will give you a small glimpse of the vibe and feel that occurred, and it will make sure you’ll be in attendance the next time we’re in town.

All you have to do is register, download, and enjoy! Mad love from MNL all the way to CEB and back! Say “4 HIT FORMO!”.

Click on the graphic below to start:

The download link is also available at the 4 HIT COMBO website. Check it out!

Late Night Hangs with Jose Miguel

Badwave Positive Mindset (BPM)

A Session With crwn