Team Up Now for Red Bull Reign!

Red Bull’s signature 3×3 tournament comes to the Philippines for the first time! Red Bull is inviting the country’s top ballers to put their skills to the test. With several contests taking place all over the world this summer, this unique 3×3 basketball tournament will pit hopefuls against one another in a high-endurance, offensive-driven battle that ends with over 15 countries sending their best to compete at the World Finals in Washington DC, USA The rules of this tournament are simple: the team that score the most overall points in each round will advance until one team remains. Players 16 years old and above are open to submit their teams of three (with one reserve) to compete and must have their passports ready!


  • Philippine Qualifiers for Red Bull Reign
  • Cebu Qualifier – May 13th (Sacred Heart de Ateneo, Cebu 12PM)
  • Manila Qualifier A – May 20th (Buendia Food by the Court, Makati 5PM)
  • Manila Qualifier B – May 26th (Buendia Food by the Court, Makati 5PM)
  • Last Chance Qualifier and Finals – May 27th (Nagtahan Bridge Court, Pasig 12 PM)
  •  All of the best basketball players in the Philippines.
  • To find the Philippine Representative to Red Bull Reign who will compete in the World Finals in Washington DC, USA!

Each qualifier will host 16 teams with the top two teams from each day advancing to the Finals. Qualifying tournaments and Finals are open to the public. Each team will be required to pay a registration fee of PHP500.00. Registration is based on the first-come-first-served policy. Once the quota of 16 teams has been reached, teams registering will be placed on a waitlist.

The Cebu Qualifier is totally full. Manila Qualifier A is nearly full- that leaves a handful of spots available for Manila Qualifier B and the Last Chance! Register now and who knows, your last minute entry may be your gateway to the world finals in Washington, DC, USA!

Check out Red Bull Reign’s event page and register your team here:

  • Online Registration:
  • FB Event:

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