Gone are the days when girls got teased for dressing like a dude, or when being called “boyish” was far from a compliment. Today, women everywhere have been giving zero f*cks and donning whatever article of clothing they feel like wearing; loose pants, oversized shirts and sweaters, dumpy overalls, work boots, basketball sneakers–you name it, they’re rocking it.

Here are four Filipino women who’ve got more drip than you:


Aika Yamaguchi (@aikayamaguchi)

A freelance graphic and web designer, and illustrator, Aika is also known online as @karmicai. Her style, according to her, is simply based on what’s available in her closet and at times, her boyfriend’s closet.

“I absolutely love clothes that don’t prevent me from moving freely. That’s why I always prefer clothes in L/XL,” says Aika.

“I’m lucky because my boyfriend and I have pretty much similar choices when it comes to style,” she shares. “I don’t really need to buy menswear because his closet is already filled with pieces that complement mine.”

Her go-to pieces are oversized tees, Doc Martens, and her boyfriend’s jackets.


Kat Reyes (@katreyeaaah)

For Kat, it’s all about the chunky chains, the rings, and button-downs. Owner of local jewelry brand, Elementari, Kat balances feminine and masculine elements in her style. “I’d wear a bralette or slip dress with an oversized men’s jacket or men’s trousers, or really chunky masculine jewelry with a form-fitting dress,” Kat explains, describing her mix of menswear and womenswear.

She doesn’t restrict her style to clothing and jewelry though.

“I’ve had boyish hairstyles offset by wearing fun makeup,” Kat reminisces. “I got away with so much eye glitter when I had a pixie or shaved head.”

Her current favorite look is an oversized men’s shirt that’s buttoned really low, layered chains, and then a lace bralette or nothing underneath. “It’s hella comfy and sexy at the same time.”

And we totally agree.


Dess Banaag (@babybopis)

For DB, she doesn’t really have much idea on which pieces are this or that. A lyricist, emcee/rap artist from Baryo Berde Atbp. collective, she describes her style as something that’s free.

“Seeing past gender, I like to wear whatever makes me feel comfortable,” says DB.

She’s always got the drip; wearing cargo pants while spitting bars in oversized tees or button-downs. She preaches about that ‘look good, feel good’ kinda vibe.

“For me, clothing is for everyone, as long as it fits and you feel fly wearing it.”

And not only does she look fly, but she definitely sounds like it, too. Check out her stuff here.


Floresse Trinidad (@asap.piso)

A part-time stylist and full-time MMA student, Floresse’s style is the definition of baggy. According to her, the recipe is,

“Start with thrifted men’s shirts, pants or shorts (since these are very Manila weather friendly), then balance it out with colorful, poppin’ hair and make-up, add a sprinkle of accessories and BAM! ISSA LOOK.”

Issa look indeed as she pairs her baggy realness with thrifted shirts, big pants, and basketball kicks as her finishing flourish, “Gotta be 90s basketball shoes like the Nike Air Maestro 2”.

Whether you rock your tito polos and basketball jerseys as tops or not, we’re here for it ladies.

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