Heavy music will always have a place in the local music scene. With trends coming and going, there are movements that stand the test of time because of its community. A band that is fostering such a community is Badwave- A punk band that is making noise the right way. 

Formed in 2019, Badwave initially drew inspiration from bands like Turnstile. However, their journey took a brief pause during the pandemic, only to rebound with a refreshed lineup and rejuvenated energy. The new Badwave, featuring Jerome on bass, Lester on drums, Jessie on guitar, and Spanky/Jerwin Santos on vocals, hit the ground running. Fueled by their skateboarding roots and a shared vision of performing at skateboarding events, their sound resonated well beyond skate parks, catapulting them into the local gig circuit.

Skate Roots 

Skateboarding has a profound influence on the band. In many ways, it serves as a compass for their music and even life. Listening to them talk about their love for skateboarding, it’s clear they naturally gravitate toward the energy and freedom it provides. For Badwave, skating contributes discipline, energy, and a sense of community among like-minded individuals. It encompasses various scenes, art forms, and communities, and brings a rebellious spirit, a DIY culture and aesthetic, and, more importantly, a survival instinct when it comes to carving their own paths.

Hardcore Punk 

Badwave’s sound—a mix of skateboarding vibes, hardcore punk, and thrash metal—is raw and authentic. But it’s their thematic focus that sets them apart: facing life’s struggles and promoting mental health awareness are central themes in their songs, resonating deeply with modern skaters and beyond. They champion a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), inspired by punk legends Bad Brains, believing that a positive outlook can profoundly influence your community.

The essence of hardcore punk—aggression expressed through loud, powerful music—is fully embraced by Badwave. This is a scene that provides an outlet for angst and anger, where mosh pits symbolize organized chaos, guided by an etiquette that ensures safety and inclusiveness for all participants.

DIY Mentality 

As hardcore as they seem from afar, punks and skaters are some of the kindest people out there. You’d be surprised how much they all come together to foster pockets of self-expression and look out for each other. This ethos is familiar to Badwave; from producing music to organizing shows, they handle it all. This independent spirit has helped them forge a tight-knit community, emphasizing that while the band may only consist of four members, the impact of their music relies on an entire tribe of supporters.

Badwave and Beyond 

Looking forward, Badwave is determined to expand their reach, aspiring to play across the Philippines and beyond, and are on the cusp of releasing their first album. Their mantra, “don’t stop, won’t stop,” reflects their relentless drive and the unstoppable spirit of PMA that defines them.

With each show, Badwave isn’t just performing; they’re exchanging energy with their audience, cultivating an environment where everyone, band and fans alike, thrives together in their shared passion for music and skateboarding. 

For Badwave, every gig is a step towards changing perceptions and proving that even in the chaotic realms of punk, positivity reigns supreme.

Catch them at Go Skateboarding day with Vans on June 15, 2024 at the Metrotent Convention Center, Pasig City along with other high energy acts for a day filled with skateboarding games and activities. 

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get your dose of positive skateboarding and music. You can also stream their music on Spotify or Bandcamp

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